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Unbiased sequencing of RNA modifications and

decoding the full extent of RNA sequence variants

​Our innovative approach employs two-dimensional (2D) mass-retention time (tR) ladders, created through highly controlled acid hydrolysis, rather than relying on MS/MS fragmentation. This technique enables the de novo sequencing of RNAs without the necessity for cDNA intermediates, while concurrently sequencing and quantifying virtually all nucleotide modifications in an unbiased manner.


Verification therapeutic RNAs

Verifying sgRNA

  • For clinic study

  • For FDA approval


Unbiased de novo sequencing of tRNAs and modifications

Sequencing cellular tRNAs and

small RNAs


Early-stage cancer detection and diagnosis

Tissue specific RNA and modification sequencing

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  • Before sending samples, fill in the sample submittal form and include a copy with the sample.  Please use our mailing address and share the tracking number if available when sending samples.

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