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Leader in Sequencing and Genomic Industry

Our Mission


DSI is dedicated to uncovering the complete sequences of RNA, identifying modifications, and understanding their implications. Our goal is to apply this knowledge to disease diagnosis and treatment, personalized medicine, and identification processes.

Our Vision

As a leader in sequencing and genomics, we provide a comprehensive and precise approach to decoding the complete range of RNA sequence information. Our patented technologies allow for exhaustive sequencing of all RNA sequences without omissions, and direct sequencing of RNA modifications without bias. These capabilities are essential for advancing RNA research and drug development.

About Us

DirectSeq Biosciences, Inc. (DSI) is revolutionizing the genomic industry with a novel RNA sequencing platform that offers three unprecedented capacities: 1) exhaustive sequencing of every RNA sequence without omission (targeting all RNA molecules), 2) unbiased sequencing of all RNA modifications (targeting all RNA nucleotides, modified or not), and 3) global profiling of RNA and its modifications in human diseases (targeting all RNA and modification changes).

As a leader in direct RNA sequencing, DSI utilizes mass spectrometry, marking a significant shift from conventional NGS or nanopore-based methods. We have pioneered the use of mass spectrometry for de novo base calling of RNA nucleotides (A, C, G, and U), enabling direct sequencing of RNA molecules. This innovative is groundbreaking, as mass spectrometry can identify both canonical nucleotides and up to 170 types of modified nucleotides, providing an unbiased view of all RNA modifications. This capability addresses key challenges in RNA research and is crucial for the development of RNA-based therapeutics (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2024.

DSI's unique sequencing capabilities hold the potential to reveal the truly complete sequence of RNA molecules for the first time, setting the foundation for the world's first Human Epitranscriptome Project (Drafting the first sequence of a complete set of human RNA molecules and their modifications). This initiative is poised to be as significant as the landmark Human Genome Project completed in 2003.

Positioned to redefine the genomics landscape, our technology overcomes the limitations of current sequencing technologies in accurately characterizing RNA modifications, which are crucial for RNA functionality. It is set to assist the FDA in establishing new standards for the safety of RNA-based drugs and propel research into RNA and modification variations associated with age, cancer, and other conditions.

Recognized as a breakthrough, our sequencing technology has secured support from multiple NIH grants and a distinguished client base, including top research universities like the University of Chicago and Cornell Medical School. As we continue to advance, we invite investment and collaboration from those who share our dedication to transforming genomics and improving human health.

Our Technology

Next Generation Mass Spectrometry-Based Sequencing

DSI leads the genomic industry by enabling unbiased sequencing of RNA modifications and decoding the full extent of RNA sequence variants.

We have developed a novel de novo RNA sequencing technology that utilizes cutting-edge mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation along with innovative analysis software. This approach allows for the identification of critical modifications on RNA molecules, which remain undetectable by conventional sequencing methods.

Our system showcases unparalleled versatility in identifying and pinpointing every RNA modification with single-base accuracy. This has been evidenced through the de novo sequencing of synthetic RNA mixtures and biological tRNAPhe. Furthermore, we foresee its significant potential in verifying the sequences of modified therapeutic RNA oligonucleotides.

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Our Team.

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